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TMA to support alarm companies engaging in FirstNet

VIENNA, va. The Monitoring union (TMA) And AT have agreed to collaborate on the verification of
eligibility process that will facilitate qualified alarm companies to use FirstNet services to
provide an enhanced advertising experience, All in the support of everyone safety mission.

"I am very pleased to announce that TMA will be assisting in the approval process for burglar
alarm companies to transmit signals over FirstNet, Said TMA web design manager Ivan Spector.

"it's been my sincere pleasure to work since the inception of FirstNet with the public safety
community, talked about Lou Fiore, Chairman of AICC and past chief executive of TMA.

The transmitting of verified public safety related alarms using FirstNet services helps first
responders to quickly be aware of an event requiring their response to prevent the loss of life and

Companies interested in using the FirstNet emails platform
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indicating that they follow recognized industry standards including the ANSI/CSAA CS V 01 Standard
(Alarm proof, confirmation and Notification Procedures) Which is designed to minimize false alarms.
The alarm company would then present the TMA Certificate of Verification to AT as part of the
process to assess eligibility
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operate on the FirstNet calls platform as an extended primary user in support of public safety.

"Adding emergency alarm alerts to the FirstNet ecosystem brings an extra layer of support to
public safety. This helps first responders get the critical information escape from beneath quickly
respond to an alarm initiated incident. But as public safety's program, It's vital that any
communication allowed to transmit across the FirstNet communications ecosystem is in fact integral
to the public safety response, Said john Sambar, Senior vp of FirstNet, here at "By working
with TMA contained in the rigorous eligibility process, We can make perfectly sure that the alarm
communications brought to FirstNet are relevant to and align with the public safety mission and
truly serve on the frontlines of notification should a public safety incident occur.

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