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Who's who in Ukraine's presidential political election

Since former leader Viktor Yanukovych was forced to leave office on Feb. 22, Ukrainians have
observed the Crimean Peninsula detach itself from Ukraine,
beautiful moldova[/url] At least in a politics sense, And join the russian Federation.

noisy,during the early May, At least 30 pro Russian separatists were killed during a shootout
between rival groups in the Black Sea port of Odessa. Pro Russian supporters were chased into a
building in the city that was then set ablaze by opponents.

latest years days, Eastern Ukraine saw violent clashes between pro Russian separatists and Ukrainian
military that have left at least 17 Ukrainian soldiers killed at a gate.

Against that backdrop, 45 million Ukrainians will endeavor to keep neither the Ukrainian flag, Nor
the Russian flag flying tomorrow but hoist a rather tattered ensign to universal suffrage in this
troubled European country as they head to polling stations.

So who's successful the battle of the lamp post posters across Ukraine?

There are 21 registered candidates in the Ukrainian presidential but some formerly withdrawn.
Whoever comes top in the poll will face a humpty dumpty challenge of endeavoring to stick together
again a nation that threatens to tear itself apart.

Candidates vary from a billionaire chocolate tycoon, To an unlikely Star Wars entry in is very
important of Darth Vader not the real Darth Vader, clearly, Who's an imagined character anyway.

So when the Ukrainian presidential outcome is announced, Will it be a case of chocolate brown or the
dark side?

Here's a step through of some top contenders:

Petro Porochenko is a Ukrainian billionaire who built his fortune from chocolate in 1990s. Forbes
reports his wealth at $1.3 thousand. Porochenko, 48, Has wide business and political expertise. He
served as minister of overseas affairs. latterly, In the government of deposed President Yanukovych,
He held the economic Development portfolio. definitely, Porochenko is favorite to become the next
Ukrainian president with polls giving him nearly 53 percent of the vote. Porochenko's early
political supervision in helping found the pro Russophone Party of the Regions, this is why banned
in Ukraine, will likely act as a double edged sword, Giving him some support among Russian speakers
but blunting his appeal among Ukrainians wishing closer ties with West. Counterbalancing the fact,
for the, Is what some regard as Porochenko's principled stand in refusing to enter any
parliamentary faction when he was elected in 2012 to the Rada the Ukrainian parliament polling more
than 70 percent of the vote as persistent for his Vinnytsia Oblast constituency. That he was also
the first oligarch to aid the pro Europe protests in Kiev's Maidan Square, at last leading to
Yanukovych' ouster, Also gives Porochenko a penetration of street cred in West leaning Kiev.

Yulia Tymoshenko, A prominent figure in Ukraine's 2004 Orange Revolution on whom so many Ukrainian
hopes of developing a peaceful democracy rested, Is now viewed by many Ukrainians included in the
"historic regime, director of Ukraine's pro EU All Ukrainian Union Fatherland
"Batkivshchyna" Party 53 year old Tymoshenko gained a much sympathy having been sentenced
to seven years jail time in 2011 under Yanukovych' tenure on charges of abuse of power. Her early
free from prison, endorsed by Ukraine's parliament, Coincided with Yanukovych's reduction from
office. In Ukraine's last presidential political election, Former propane tycoon Tymoshenko
finished runner up to Yanukovych. Her support base is mainly in western Ukraine and her pro
European, Pro business credentials mean that Tymoshenko supporters will be thin on the ground in the
Russian speaking east of the country.

Although Tymoshenko has often spoken out against Russian consequence in internal Ukrainian affairs,
There's a strain of realpolitik running through her since her party also supports beneficial free
trade with Russia and better terms for gas imports. Tymoshenko's trademark blond braids have
sometimes seen both her [url=]moldova women[/url] and her
political comeback in comparison with a fairy tale but with Tymoshenko having spoken ominously of a
"Third war" If she's not chosen, Pro Russian Ukrainians are more liable draw the
comparison with a Wagnerian Valkyrie. at the moment, Ukrainians don't even think in fairy tales.
Tymoshenko is languishing with just 6 percent allow in opinion polls.

Sergui Tyhypko (Serhiy Tihipko) Is a former banker who aspires peace with Russia, The re place of
economic relations with Ukraine's eastern neighbor and the official recognition of Russian as
Ukraine's second language. The 54 year old former banker, Reputedly any kind of billiona
definiteire, once was campaign manager for former president Yanukovych in the 2004 presidential
election. That political election, what Yanukovych claimed victory, Was tainted with claims that his
enemy, resistance leader Viktor Yushchenko, Had been poisoned with dioxin. The scandal prompted
Ukraine's Orange movement. The Ukrainian courts annulled the result and in the subsequent re run,
Viktor Yushchenko emerged the winner.

Sergui Tyhypko is the sole openly pro Russian voice in the current presidential race and has
expressed regret at within campaign in eastern Ukraine for safety reasons. their, Even Tyhypko's
pro Russian views cut little ice with armed insurgents who refuse to distinguish the legitimacy of
the Ukrainian presidential race. With guide for Tyhypko running at just 4 percent in polling, The
pragmatic Janus approach of this Moldavian born businessman looks like it won't win out in
Sunday's election.

Oleg Tiagnibok (Tyahnybok), Leader while using nationalist All Ukrainian Union Svoboda
("liberty") Party that holds forthright anti ruskies views, Is an experienced physician
from the city of Lviv. If Tiagnibok were simply pro NATO and anti Russian he might achieve wider
attraction, up to in western Ukraine, But Tiagnibok's right wing agenda goes much a lot more. a
step above promising to take Crimea back into Ukraine, Tiagnibok has in the past supported the most
recommended an ethnicity category in Ukrainian passports and argued for Ukraine's nuclear re
armament to deter Russia.

His party Svoboda has faced claims of anti Semitism and homophobia. Apart from often expressed anti
Russian statements, Tiagnibok could anti oligarch, many times conflating his dislike of tycoons,
Moscow and as a result Jews. In a presentation to Ukrainian nationalist paramilitaries in 2004,
Tiagnibok reputedly told them, "[You are] that the Moscow Jewish mafia ruling Ukraine fears

Although Svoboda was popular in the Kiev Euromaidan protest, In the best traditions of the extreme
right in other european countries, There was a to fall out among right wing groups that meant no
sole "unity" option of the far right, As was just for Sunday's election. instead,
Tiagnibok must now joust the far right vote with Dmytro Yarosh.

Dmytro Yarosh is a man that Moscow has in its legal ideas. If Tiagnibok is eyed with disapproval in
Moscow then 42 yr old Yarosh, Leader of Pravy Sektor the ultra right Right Sector party actually a
the Kremlin's bte noire. until now a radical paramilitary group, Pravy Sektor only became a state
political party March 22, 2014. Yarosh refers to his party as "Nationalist but are still not
fascist, Pravy Sektor achieved recognition among protesters in Maidan Square in Kiev. Among Russian
talking about Ukrainians, but unfortunately, Its expereince of living has meant that the rhetoric
from Moscow claiming a gang of fascists were running Ukraine has always carried a grain of truth.
when it comes to Moscow, Dmytro Yarosh is a essential man. Vader has been seen pumping hands in
Kiev's Maidan Square but there've been no reports of Death Star sightings anywhere near Donetsk in
the Russian talking about east. In your firm stand out, Vader had in earlier times claimed, "I
alone could possibly make an empire out of a republic, in order to former glories, To return lost
areas and pride for this country.

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