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Little 'p' nation-wide topics

Big P politics comes with lots of P's. definitely Power, opportunity, Partisanship, Piety,
Pandering, prejudice, Pomp as well Puffery. Congress and countrywide elections. It's where it's
not only important to always win, But to make sure your opponents always lose.

Small 'p' politics is what ordinary people do every day. It is about producing choices,
compromises and agreements. It's also been practiced sharing a place, Economy and common laws of
taxpayer. The p's of small 'p' national politics are Policy, Practice and concur. Small 'p'
memorable is not about beating the loser; It's about forcing as many winners as possible. it is
really democracy.

Imagine if we applied big 'P' politics to such local issues as our within your means housing
crisis or firestorm recovery. If our local elected officials suffered the same corrupting disease as
do our Congressional leaders, How could we ever expect to rebuild 5,300 homes or then come the next
fire disaster?

We'd all be losers if our county managers or local state legislators fought over new cannabis laws
or budget agendas the way Congress is now fighting over immigration reform, Obamacare and the next
supreme court justice.

governmental policies wasn't always the dirty word it is today. plus, It's still an reputable
position at our school boards, City halls and county seat of united states government. Let's hope
it stays that way.

Very few of us are politicians, But we all procedures politics. Isn't it a political act to shop
locally or support local small farmers? Where do we put our money or do our depositing? joining a
local credit union or a community bank can be a political statement against bigger corporate banks
or Wall Street. The car you drive is actually act of politics. that may be a Chevy or a Hyundai?
electrical, multiple, diesel or a low mpg SUV?

The most momentous politics act we can do is vote in an election. Is not voting also a political
[url=]moldova women[/url] act?

We are told we're not meant to mix politics and religion. We definitely want our government to
steer clear of religion but our individual choices about faith and beliefs are innately both
religious and political, are they not? Abortion, Same sex wedlock, Freedom of preference, Pacifism
or cannabis use could all be issues defined by our religious upbringing and beliefs.

is it feasible to be apolitical? We do not think so, But it is very possible to be against big P
politics. Not many of us study political science and we seem to wish there was less
"nation-wide politics" On our TV each night. but being purely apolitical might be like
being asexual, Overtly apathetic or boringly anti whatever. getting older sound healthy.

So let's praise and support all our local political figures who practice small 'p' politics. We
elect these both males and females to keep our local governments on the rails and on the up
[url=]moldavian girls[/url] and up. they seem to be keeping
the promises they made to get elected and they keep listening to us. We think they're doing the
best they can to create as many winners as it possibly can.

But we are really not naive. We know surely some Big P partisanship and power grabbing in local
politics. At this newspaper we keep to the Big P money and the influence peddlers. and thus, If
you've always wondered who they are and what they're up to, Just keep reading this newspaper.

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