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Nz Wellington Zoo's most eligible bachelor wants love

Pepe, A nineteen month old males Capybara, is here at Wellington Zoo to join the Zoo's three
females, To hopefully contribute to the breeding of Capybara in this field. Pepe to become sent to
Wellington Zoo from Auckland Zoo, Thanks to a global online matchmaking service for Zoo animals.

Wellington Zoo works with other Zoo and Aquarium connections Australasia (ZAA) Animal welfare
accredited firms, And progressive zoos all over, To pair best matched animals for regional and
global breeding programmes.

Matching up potential breeding partners at the Zoo is a complex process as well as a high level of
scientific expertise. Matchmaking involves the work of Wellington Zoo's Animal Science Manager,
Simon Eyre, youngster Care team, And a global online programme called Zoological Information
Management System (ZIMS) Run by berries 360.

"The ZIMS database has an accumulation records on 22,000 class and 10 million animals. The
records include things like an animal's age, Its parents, the night, place of birth, And it helps
enterprises plan for international breeding programmes, being said Simon.

"We sometimes feel like an uniform dating service where we're matching animals together, And
transferring them on blind dates. we need our fingers crossed for Pepe and hope he finds love among
his new herd,

"We're taking our time with discover Pepe so we will be a review of each of the females to
Pepe separately. The most youthful female, Iapa, Will be the first one to get up close with him,
identified Jo Richardson, Animal Care supervisor.

"Pepe is a sweet and gentle natured animal and we're hoping the females will like him just as
much as we do. Capybaras are pretty laid back, So they will generally get on well collectively and
other animals. It ought not to be too difficult
moldova beauty[/url] matching them up, They'll 'swipe right' to the majority of, as we say,
mentioned Jo.

The Zoo is also playing matchmaker for a number of species, just in time for Valentine's Day.

"We're in is essential introducing our Goliath Bird Eating Tarantulas with the hopes of
breeding and we're introducing a male [url=]beautiful
moldova[/url] Koror Little Blue Penguin to our current penguin population in addition to our planned
Sumatran Tiger introductions, says Simon.

Capybaras are the largest rodents in today's world. Although Capybaras are not endangered, Their
populations are affected by hunting and habitat loss. Capybaras are native to central america and
South America.

Wellington Zoo actively supports a range of both local and global conservation projects towards
saving animals in the wild that live in the same range state as Capybaras. We have partnered with
providers such as Associatco Mico Leo Dourado (AMLD) In Brazil to save the Golden Lion Tamarin and
Proyecto Titi in Colombia practicing with Cotton Top Tamarins.

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