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Elon Poll Asks that is related to Vaccines

ELON On top of questions regarding the approval ratings of elected officials, The latest Elon
university Poll asked residents their views on various policy issues.

new york was one of many states where same sex marriage became legal last Autumn but the latest poll
shows this has not led to any influx of support or opposition. Poll
[url=]moldova dating sites[/url] director Kenneth
Fernandez says public sentiment is just about where it's always been.

good Elon Poll, Nearly half of North Carolinians feel the extremely Care Act, known as Obamacare,
Will make medical-related worse, Compared to about 35 percent who believe whenever they things
better. This is a jump in opponent since the last poll, But in order to Fernandez, But not a life
threatening one.

"That pessimism has sort of flattened out and we haven't seen dramatic changes, Fernandez
tells you. "mayhap, As it becomes legal requirements of the land for a decade or so, Maybe
attitudes can change,

When issue was asked, Pollsters would come with the Obamacare nickname in the question. While
Fernandez says this can skew some respondents, while "Obamacare" Was not covered, He feels
some individuals would not know what the Affordable Care Act is.

The poll also asked people their views on abortion. 44 percent of North Carolinians want fewer
standards on abortion, with regards to 40 percent who want more.

"We've seen that that's pretty consistent among the Elon Poll round the last two years,
Fernandez shows. "Abortion is a very divisive issue, unsurprisingly. I think a lot of us are
aware that,

Of those surveyed, More women wanted fewer disadvantages than more, But men were evenly split on the

queries about natural gas drilling or "Fracking" Continue to brew in north carolina and
Fernandez says nearly half of registered voters were opposed to fracking.

"We did see a decline in help support, he explained. "Only 36 percent of enlisted voters
support fracking,

included in the question was whether the respondent had heard of fracking. Fernandez says there was
only a two point increased familiarity since 2013.

The right for parents not to vaccinate their children has been an ongoing debate nationwide, And
[url=]moldova dating[/url] with Elon Poll, More than a fourth
of North Carolinians surveyed said parents ought to get that right. Fernandez says support for
mandatory vaccines resulted in an unlikely coalition.

"We at any time found, oddly enough enough, The least educated and the most educated
respondents were the most going for vaccination, according to him.

Sixty nine percent of those surveyed said kids should be vaccinated. and in contrast to other policy
questions in the poll, Fernandez says there was essentially no distinction between Democrats and
Republicans on this issue.

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