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Snohomish County Tribune newspapers

The Snohomish County Tribune will edit all mail for brevity, Clarity and magnificence. 20th letter
in the Tribune as well as also Nov. 13th story "Carnegie project delivered back to call for
bids after snag,

surprisingly, Snohomish city obama administration was asleep at the wheel when it approved the $2.4
million lowest bid and allowed a 25 percent mishap fee.

from this day forward, All bets are off as the Council had to restart the bidding process.

This likely $3 million plus project on the face is for "Event accommodations" And run by
City workforce. (note, This is what the Snohomish Senior Center is doing with its City owned
building event rentals for critical income for their activities.)

I understand Geoff Wall's statement: "Is Larry Countryman the only person on the council with
a brain,

the city plans a puny pocket park (usually composed of lawn at the footprint of the demolished 1968
Carnegie Annex) that will be named "masters Memorial Park, presently there already is Veterans
Memorial Stadium in town, a way to honor our war dead is to rename Pilchuck Park as "Fallen
personalities Park, (this will also avoid any confusion with the new, within reach, local park named
for Pilchuck Julia).

The idea of a small Carnegie pocket park should be
[url=]moldova ladies[/url] scrapped and instead replaced
with sorely needed parking spaces (real "Placemaking" Making visitors want to visit
downtown First Street).

The city has a considerable amount of large and small parks, paths, And open spaces near First
Street already. Constitution's 2nd Amendment doesn't say that the populace has the authority to
any firearm. Consider when the amendment was enacted. Guns at this point were primarily single or
double shot. ended up no AK 47s, AR 15s, Bump offers, High capacity magazines and catalogs, as well
as. Such weapons weren't imagined. I am a retired army or marine officer and a gun owner. all the
same, I don't believe the 2nd Amendment prohibits gun regulation and background record checks. We
all need to do all we can in order that guns are safely and securely stored and handled.

Gun ownership should be a right for exact, Lawful and honest individuals.

Regarding Larry Countryman's bit of advice for expanding parking at the Carnegie (november. 6
Tribune text letters):

Is Larry Countryman the only person on the City Council with a brain? This is a good idea, As I have
been seeking more parking in the Historic District for over 20 years and every idea
[url=]moldova dating sites[/url] I came up with has never been
acted on by the Council or the old City Managers.

I hope Larry keeps pushing for this and tries to convince the rest of the Council members to make a
parking lot at the Carnegie. This is essental to everyone, Especially the businesses and this will
stop buyers from leaving because they can't find any parking.

Keep up the good work Larry. thanks.

The Costco Warehouse store and service station proposed location at 20th Street and Hwy. interstate
2 Trestle east or west, North or south on interstate 9, East or gulf on Second Sreet in Snohomish,
87th path SE north or south, East or west on 30th road SE, East or west on 56th avenue SE, Sinclair
avenue north or south, North or south on Bickford method and east or west on South Lake Stevens

We we imagine you can join us at the hearing.

Lake Stevens taxpayers will not be happy to discover that they are going to be on the hook for 60%
of the estimated 10 million dollars it will cost for the planned Costco development at 20th Street
and Highway 9.

Snohomish County Fire District 7 chooses to thank everyone who cast a ballot in the recent election.
Turnout was already low, And the results for our fire levy lid lift was not as we'd hoped.
nonetheless, We appreciate everyone who taken part in the process.

Fire District 7 will continue to provide the best service possible within budget. may change how we
consider funding emergency services, But it won't change responsibility to you, yourself or

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