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Like every one of Berkeley, Marcia Poole couldn't know Chanti Prattipati.

graphic designers and sex slaves don't necessarily cross paths in the normal course of events. on
the other hand, By sheer coincidence, One November afternoon nearly five in the past, Poole was on
the scene when Berkeley police and firefighters yanked open a darkened stairwell door on Bancroft
Way and found the 17 year old Prattipati, Slumped over and depths of the mind.

Prattipati would soon be distinct dead at Alta Bates Hospital, The victim of carbon monoxide
poisoning caused by a blocked heating vent in the apartment
[url=]moldova beauty[/url] she shared with
two other teenage girls also under the control of Berkeley real estate mogul Lakireddy Bali Reddy.

Prattipati's death ultimately blew the lid off the Reddy family's plot to smuggle young Indians
into the particular for sex and cheap labor, But much to the chagrin of Poole and the like, It
hasn't toppled the family's real estate empire or yielded heavy prison sentences.

"Justice has not been done, Poole recounted. "Chanti was brought in powerless to a country
that was supposed to protect her. relatively she was raped, pressed into servitude, and when she
died no one cared,

Poole has followed closely the criminal case contrary to the Reddys which ended Monday when Reddy's
son, Prasad Lakireddy, Received no jail time for his role in the family plot. Lakireddy was the
fifth member of his family acknowledge a plea bargain and the third to avoid prison.

"It's organ of the same theme, Poole stated that. "Money talks because rich walk, She
said she wasn't quite so cynical before the November day she happened past the scene she'll

Poole was driving down Bancroft Way past Shattuck Avenue when she spotted a group of Indian men
carrying what looked like a carpet towards a van parked at the curb. Something inside regards to
scene struck her as strange, So she slowed down and noticed that the load was sagging in the

"and also, A leg descended from what I thought was the flying rug, She described.

Poole pulled over and joined the fray. She saw few men trying to push and pull a hysterical teenage
girl who kept trying to fall back on the ground.

"I ran over and reported to stop and let her go, She recounted. then a man, Who Poole later
labeled as Reddy, accomplished Poole. he was quoted saying, "disappear altogether, this is
often a family affair, Poole recalled.

She refused and ultimately squeezed a passing motorist to dial 911. Her sibling, Who had been
obsessed with her own clothing that Poole thought was a carpet, lived through.

The ensuing police investigation was marred from the beginning. Since a lot of the witnesses spoke
Telugu, An Indian terms common in the south central region, And translators were difficult to find,
the authorities picked Reddy as an interpreter.

Given that Reddy was later charged in the event, that, undoubtedly, one.

"We needed someone to translate and he offered his services because we had a serious event
situation on the street, Lt. Cynthia Harris, The former Berkeley Police representative told the Los
Angeles Times in 2001. "undoubtedly, In hindsight we can't afford to have done that,

Reddy insisted that a colleague was the going through girl's father, And that they were rushing the
two of them to the hospital when Poole had spotted them.

Despite Poole's efforts to appreciate her side of the events, for over a month the Reddy tale was
the official story.

Even a highly publicized article that December in the Berkeley High School newspaper from students
Megan Greenwell and Iliana Montauk wanting to know why neither of the sisters was enrolled in school
failed to reopen the case.

A renewed investigation with different translators yielded spun sentences. Girls in both America and
Reddy's hometown of Velvadam, indian, Stated that they are forced to work for Reddy for almost no
pay and satisfy his sexual desires.

Although the victims spoke to investigators, Many refused to testify in the courtroom. They told
investigators they feared the for their safety and for their loved ones in India.

Last september, Six of the 10 plaintiffs originally represented by Michael Rubin dropped out of the
civil suit against the Reddy family after conversations with close family in India. All of the
plaintiffs had been offered cash settlements by the Reddys before they eventually abandoned the

"For someone to have undergone years of deposition and then drop out for no money, I'd say
that's pretty extraordinary, known Rubin. In a settlement agreed to last March, The Reddy's
approved pay $2 million in overall criminal restitution and $8.9 million to the family unit of
Chanti Prattipati.

With few witnesses for you to testify, Prosecutors opted to plea bargain the cases. In 2001 Reddy
pled unfaithful to four counts, Including the transportation of minors for illegal sexual acts, And
was sentenced to 97 months in jail nearly two years more than the plea bargain, But just a small
fraction of the 38 year maximum sentence he potentially faced.

The case against [url=]moldova dating[/url] Reddy's sons
prosecuted after their father unraveled when prosecutors alerted defense attorneys that federal
translator Uma Rao had told victims to brighten their claims of abuse.

Following that revelation the Justice Department dropped all sexual misconduct charges the
particular sons, Vijay and thus Prasad Lakireddy.

Poole assigned prosecutors for "abandoning" When the girls refused to testify.

"they desired to find a way to get to the truth and not let these people get away with it. But
government entities doesn't care, She claims.

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