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Balkan peninsula [r]: Geographic good reputation a region of southeastern Europe, encompassed by the
Black Sea to the east, via Aegean, mediterranean sea and Ionian Sea to the south, And by the
Adriatic Sea path of the west. [elizabeth]cold War [r]: Geostrategic, Economic and ideological
struggle from about 1947 to 1991 between the Soviet Union and the particular and their allies.
[o]Communism [r]: A political ideology, And also a system of military, based on which the means of
production (in particular all large business concerns) Should be controlled by the government.
Danube pond [r]: Europe's second lengthiest river, on the subject of 2860 km long, Second only
to the Volga River. [ice]Romanian 'language' [r]: A Romance lingo spoken
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in southeastern Europe, merely in Romania and Moldova. [at]Soviet support for Iran
[url=]moldova beauty[/url] the particular Iran Iraq War [r]:
Soviet efforts to maintain a positive collaboration during and after the Iran Iraq War; They
regarded Iran as more reasonably important than Iraq [electronic]Vipera ammodytes montandoni [r]:
Venomous viper subspecies found in Bulgaria and lower Romania. [ourite]similar topicsMoldova [r]:
Landlocked country in eastern Europe, Located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north,
East and sth. [electronic]Ukraine [r]: A large Slavic nation in eastern side Europe whose capital is
Kyiv (Kiev). [o]Clifford Zinnes [r]: expert, IRIS Center for economic research and Faculty web,
course of Public Policy, university or college of Maryland; previously Fellow, Belfer Center
Intrastate combat Program; Former Lecturer in public places Policy, Harvard Kennedy the school
[e]adopting [r]: In child care, A legal act in which existing parental rights are baulked and are
instead granted to adoptive parents. [age]Amphetamine [r]: A synthetic nerves inside the body
stimulant which is used, in recent times, To treat limited medical problems. [orite]dark-gray Sea
[r]: A non tidal body of water on the borders of se Europe, Linking to the mediterranean.
[ourite]bulgaria [r]: mountainous republic (public c. 7.3 million; main city Sofia) In south asian
Europe, Bordered by Romania to north of manchester (With River Danube as border); The Black Sea on
your east; Greece and Turkey to florida; And Yugoslavia and Macedonia to go to the west. [at]casa
Capa [r]: A historic catering in Bucharest, Romania, First made in 1852. [elizabeth]Constantin
Brncui [r]: (1876 1957), Romanian sculptor known for his modernism and abstraction. [at]mark Kessler
(acting professional) [r]: distinguished actor in the first great era of Yiddish theater. [at
the]Dialect continuum [r]: Range of dialects spoken across a large physical area, different type of
only slightly between areas that are geographically close, And gradually diminishing in mutual
intelligibility as the distances become greater. [ourite]Dimitrie Paciurea [r]: (1873 1932),
Romanian sculptor recognized for a representational and symbolic style. [ice]european union [r]:
Political and economic alliance of 28 European states. [elizabeth]the european countries [r]: Sixth
largest region; locations 10,000,000 km2; popular. 720,000,000 euro [r]: the state currency of
the European Monetary Union. [at the]Florin Fodor [r]: adventurous types of illegal immigrant, Who
dodged icebergs for thousands of kilometers, planning to sneak into Canada. .

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