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How to lock up that cock safely and securely

we have spent some years in the doldrums after having kids, my spouce and i are now enjoying hot
kinky sex and the occasional free pass to fuck other people. We wasn't able to be happier. I have a
friend who was extremely keen for me to cage his cock with the same kind of locking male chastity
device I got for my husband a fixed ring stainless-steel type. I have two fears: (1) It took some
controlling to get my husband's balls through one by one, and his cock, But he persevered. Is it
okay for his balls to swell up firm, Get chilly air, And go purple when he's dressing in the cock
cage and he is aroused? He says it doesn't hurt, And he is wearing it only while I peg him some
hours tops. I worry that even though he can squeeze into the ring, He might be cutting off movement
and doing damage. (2) my buddy couldn't get his balls and cock into the cage. His balls never
dropped growing up, So he had an operation that pulled them down but fixed them in place. that's
why they sit "High and tightly held" And can't be pulled out of his body. Can you
recommend a cage which fit him? He is into total submitter and orgasm denial, And he wants to
experiment with long term forced chastity and relinquish control of his dick to me.

"I'm a good believer in play safe, Stay high quality, And cause pain or anguish only when
it's asked for and nobody is at risk of long term damage, known Miers. "So as a their marriage
and the longevity of their hot kinky sex life, BALLSUP needs to get her guy a cage that keeps him
trapped but nonetheless in the realm of safe,

A short primer for readers who aren't used to male chastity devices: Most are anchored in place by
a ring that goes around the shaft and behind the balls. The penis slides into a cylinder that
attaches to the top of the ring, And the cylinder prevents hardons and can even punish erection
strength. (Some are lined with spikes.) in the event the chastity device is locked cheaper ones with
a wee padlock, Custom ones with something more artful there's no way to remove it (And free the
prick) not including tearing the balls off.

back, BALLSUP: Miers [url=]moldova dating[/url] has been
creating made to order, High quality stainless-steel male chastity devices for 15 years so he's the
recognized expert on male chastity devices here, Not your man. Listen to Miers and toss the device
you use now and get your husband a chastity cage that doesn't turn his balls purple. You may have
to try out some other designs and an assortment of cock rings before you find the one that locks his
cock down without choking his balls off.

"I be familiar with from guys who wear cages made with a one piece, Slip on style cock ring
that it lets them slip in easily and comfortably but a lot of guys can remove these chastity devices
even when they're locked, explained Miers. "But a cage with a rooms that are small, better
cock ring often results in a cock ring that is too tight, while the person is using cheaper,
produced in higher quantities cages. The best chastity devices are ones that have a cock ring that
can be opened via a hinge or taken apart then you can get a ring that might be too small to push his
balls through using [url=]moldova dating sites[/url] the one
ball after the other method, But since ring comes apart, Getting it on and off is much easier while
providing the safety and inescapability both parties demand,

"I been greeted by my first client with the 'balls not dropping issue' a few years back, And
it is a challenge on the subject of chastity, thought Miers. "For those guys, I encourage a PA
as a means of anchoring a light-weight chastity device, (A pennsylvania, called a Prince Albert,
Involves poking a bonus hole in the urethra below the head of the cock and putting a ring through
it.) "A PA in combination with a chastity device is the most durable and secure way to lock a
guy's cock up for long term orgasm denial and forced chastity play,

if your friend can handle some pressure on his balls, BALLSUP, a regular style chastity device with
a hinged or two piece cock ring might work.

"due to the his balls sit high and tight, it can be vital that the scrotal gap (The gap
concerned with the front of the cock ring and the tube opening) Isn't too taut, As this could very
well put more pressure on his balls, being said Miers. "The last option is a full chastity

I'm a 29 year old bi female living on the east coast, And I've been in a relationship for three
months. It's been a few years since I've dated anyone seriously, And I'm really taking part in
it. We have a good spouse so far, And he's great in a great deal of ways, But that's part of issue
is. Next hot season's, He will be moving back to his home town in the Midwest. I just up and
running my dream job, So there's no way I would follow him. I'm uncertain about doing the
long-distance thing. Since we're only three months into this, breath analyzer cut my losses and
call it quits and move on? Or should I enjoy these next six months and let the chips fall where
it's possibly that they, Whether it's the end of the relationship or the transition to long

Anything might happen in the next six months. You could lose your ideal job, This guy could decide
not to come back to his Midwestern hometown after all, Or you could turn on the news and learn a
mega tsunami 300 feet high is racing toward the East Coast and you have eight hours to get the fuck
out before your city is washed off the map and when this occurs, Your ex's hometown in the Midwest
might not look so bad. What you want and where you just want to be can change radically in six
months' time.

Since you had being able to make Santorum what he is today (A fabric, genuinely senator), would you
promote the new meme that Trump = dump? like for example "I must take a trump" and also
"I just took a major trump like a transatlantic cable trump.

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