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Is looking at other women's pics internet based cheating

My husband of almost 10 years has an obsession with looking a half nude women via the internet. He
finds excuse after excuse that explain why. The list goes all night. I have expressed to him
regularly how this bothers me. my business is 5'1, I don't have big breast or a curvy figure for
example. I have told him I would not look like his FANTASY women and it is very hurtful. each and
every I catch him he laughs and says he can't believe I was checking up on him. I have to because
if I'm not getting a persons vision who is? Let me know your thoughts,

But sincerely, I've learned that a vast majority of the population views porn and/or nude photos.
not just for men, But adult females too. Though many will take issue with me on this (As I see on
other posts) But I don't see it as being a problem for people to watch porn/look at nude photos.
will do it bother me? some. Is it that big a deal that it will hinder a relationship? differs.

your complaint (Like most who have the same issue) appears to be mostly stem from his dishonesty
about it. to keep wouldn't care if my bf watched porn/nude pics. He's anyone. a large percentage
of men do. By not agreeing that he'll do it, I'll be unaccepting of a vast majority of the male
population. So I just learned in order to it. My current bf of 2+ years has videos but watches them
once a month. But realize though he lives an hour away and we only see each other on the weekends,
But I would not care even if he did.

difficulty though is when you DO tell the person that it bothers you, And they to be able to lie and
deceive you. That's when risks with arise. In the ultimate world, People would watch porn and the
spouse wouldn't care (Since reportedly, all of you disagrees on this subject). often times though,
We're not in a perfect world and you'll get people that think it's a big deal, And people that
don't. because you put a couple together, One from each type, that's when problems arise.

I myself tend to not care. males watch it, It's not disrespectful if a core set of deception or
lying. it's simply a picture, Or a golf dvd. But if I DID care and asked anyone to stop, i would
personally EXPECT they stop. in any other case, Then issues ensue.

As a woman, The easy way to accept this is to look at the all around picture. You see him as
thinking about other women on a picture, Or a slidemovie. which makes you feel insecure, Or that he
does not want you. Because he's researching. consider it this way. now don't look at cute guys
that pass by? Don't you giggle with your friends when that hot stud drives by, It's almost the
same. Men see. a woman look. I know women just take it out of context because when men do it, its
"live" On video and they're naked in the picture. if you ask me, that won't
"ditch" ladies. Men don't go looking at pictures/videos because selecting to just replace
you or don't love you. they just DO.

I'm not defending him the slightest bit. My bf has these budweiser posters in his closet that irks
me many times. But mindful he loves ME. And I just remind myself that very I look at cute guys
passing by too. And reminding myself that, I feel a reduced amount of a hypocrite.

rather, Back from what I was saying. Since on your behalf, You DO care he does it and it
[url=]moldova dating[/url] DOES hurt you so he should respect
that. And his lying and deceit is just putting your matrimony on a rough path.

I do feel you yet, Because reality I put on my "i really don't care" front, I get these
now and again moments when I feel that little "stab" When I see his friends sending him
stupid joke/photos of females. But I just learned to accept that he's a guy. Guy's must. (of

Some guys just like to see other women. It ensures they are feel more manly. As girls, We think any
other way. It's probably nothing to concern yourself with. at the same time, You've been married
almost ten years and your husband feels that he knows you well and will not be any more mysteries to
discover about you. What about altering your hair style or without making a big deal about it, Start
going to a gym to lift weights, Or riding a bike or walking for exercise? Or take
[url=]moldova beauty[/url] an art or creating food
class. Add a little spice for you for your sake and his.

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