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How not to fall for a scam date this valentines day

And with the rise of mobile apps like Tinder and Bumble you only ever a click away from meeting the
person you've or nightmares
moldova women[/url] (if you happen to find yourself unlucky in love).

But it not just the Fifty Shades of weirdoes and stalkers that you simply be careful of online.
There been an increase in online dating fraudsters who aren
dating sites[/url] looking for love, But your hard earned cash. within just 2016, 3,889 people seen
falling victim to romance scams, in order to Action Fraud, The UK confirming centre.

The average scammer plays the future game, chatting you up, Gaining your trust and then inventing
some crisis therefore you part with your wonga. Typical scenarios include asking for travel expenses
for them to visit you, requiring a donation to a charity that you never heard, Claiming they heard
of a great money making scheme so that you can invest in or that they need money to help treat a
sick relative.

And may possibly not end there, Even when trapped the fraudster may claim they very, Very apologies.
a variety offer that they now fallen in love, so they can keep the relationship (And the salary)

this sort victim, recognized (Not her real user name), A 47 year old single mother from North
Yorkshire was conned out of over by from Manchester, An Italian who was working in Turkey. before
long he began asking her for money, Claiming he been mugged and hubby needed to pay medical bills.

Wasn easy, after which they I got so far in I couldn get myself out, And I didn want to walk away
having lost or what have you, So you keep going in the hope that you wrong and this person is
genuine, She warned the BBC.

an additional victim, spoke to BBC Ulster Stephen Nolan. He lost to a woman he chatted to online.

Just thought I was doing the right thing. My bank said I was coming in a lot of to take money out of
my account and it was getting beyond a joke I was never suspicious. How did it leave him? Just felt
a bit down and daft about lighting up, He warned Nolan.

Chief Superintendent Simon Walls from the Police Service in Northern Ireland asks people to be extra
vigilant at this holiday.

on the agenda to February 14th, And people looking for companionship or love often find themselves
more susceptible at this time of the year. They see pictures in the shops and red roses all over
them and they want some of that,

There is also another reason to be ultra careful, As david Profitt, Deputy Head of Action Fraud puts
in plain words: Lot of the online dating service personals fraudsters we know are abroad. They in
West africa, Eastern Europe and it very difficult for British criminal to take action against them
in those jurisdictions. Whilst others include safety tips and offer multiple ways to report a shady

Looks like this post is no longer offered by its original source. It might been disassembled or had
its privacy settings changed,

and thus, What can you to avoid being a victim? these our top tips to stay safe finding love and not
cash poor and lonely.

Choose the site or app you use carefully Are they honest? Are you happy they take your safety
seriously?Don reveal too much about you and your family, On your description or in your chats. Is
there also anything in their pics that suggests yet they can be who they say they are or where they
come from?they will seem like monsters, But scammers are still human and will trip on their own up.
watch out for contradictions and lack of memory of previous chats. the majority of make it really
easy to do this. next cut off all contact and call Action Fraud 0300 123 2040.

thoughts, You know hardly anything for definite about who you are talking to. for additional
information on dating scams and what to do to stay safe, go to Action Fraud website.

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