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Anyone move from FL to the triangle and regret it

I grew up in orlando, florida. I came to NC for fe college. NC is something different of pace from
Orlando. i'm not
woman in spanish[/url] bored here. My activities here center more around the outdoors. mountain
climbing, biking, And checking outdoors. I can take weekend trips to the coast and the mountains. I
spend my weekends studying farmer's markets and farms.

New Smyrna beach is still one of my favorites beach to visit near Orlando. My hobbies in Orlando
were buying the outlets, directing to Downtown Disney, And the theme parks. Orlando worked for me
when I was single and clubbing.

I am a Miami native and find that living in Florida entails more of an outpouring of money for many
tasks, So I found bored out of poorness in many cases! There are just more events in your area here
in Raleigh that are free for the public. Rnc2mbfl's posts list a lot of cases of the varying
activities that appeal to a variety of people, And how life takes a different approach in both

And as others have says, I spend a lot more time doing outdoor activities all year long here, Not
only from your area, But also in other regions of the state. there is just more outdoor options,
much less hostile weather, In this an integral part of NC vs. fl, IMHO. The parks system here is
truly awesome and the community definitely makes use of the time that are provided for it. to me,
This has resulted in a healthier lifestyle!

Two years in and no remorse so far!

I have one friend that moved from NC to FL to position herself to eventually enter graduate school.
She was is a young duties (past due date 20's) And has not been born and raised in NC. She found it
simpler to submerge herself into various cultures in FL. (She was entering grad school for some type
of crucial studies.) That got her only reason for leaving.

My other buddie lives in FL. She has already been through it for 10 15 years and really, surely,
would like to move to Raleigh. Her house was on sale; Then the FL real estate market declined.
hence, She could not move. She visited Raleigh a few times there were times that. pretty much, She
has made a ton of friends. She's in their own 50's. which means that, It's not like she is
playing in bars and nightlife scene.

Beckycat, I hope yourself and your family arrive in Raleigh soon. I've read you now for awhile,
particularly the ones about your visit. It really makes me take a second look at Raleigh from a
fresh perception. Tampa and Orlando i seen to be boring everytime I went up there. They are sights
but if you live there how many more times can you find Universal Studios amusing? Nice locations,
Just not many community physical exercises.

Miami is not for those making $10 $12hr. you would struggle. i grew up in Kendall a town of Miami
and my 1 bedroom cost $1095. If i wanted to exist in someone's remodeled garage I could have paid
$800 900.

I moved there in 1997 for tech school. I can let you know I had the TIME of my life. for anyone a
young single woman, You'll find that you wont have to to pay for much. tired dressed for the
occasion, Bars and clubs will let you in for free with free drinks. I was able to get my studies
done and my PARTY ON. This all depends of course on which gal you are. Guys also will find
themselves broke real quick. my spouse and i found that every activity in Miami revolves around
drinking and partying. Not bad if you are 22 but once you get older to consider other things. That
is where Raleigh is unique. There are alot of community / outdoor activities you're able to do for

Everything in a city like Miami will cost you $$. there will probably be a free concert in downtown
but the parking will run you $15 20, No food can be unveiled in the premises so you're stuck buying
their food. For a family that has the capability run you $3.50 a comfortable dog ($4.50 should you
want supreme) or $2.00 drink per certain person. i know crazy.

For the guys I can tell you if you want to see some of the most sensual looking women in the world
Miami will not let you down.

For individuals who are in college this is a great city to live in and you'll have fun. But if you
want to
/]beautiful lady in spanish[/url] anything like me, Once the hanging out is over, You have your act
together and looking to make more bank Miami is not the city for you unless you have a specific

If businesses deals mainly with Latin America Miami is a hub for that industry.

have you ever wanted to open up a club, Hotel or just work the way in which in the "food and
management" Miami is ideal choice. I'd hate to bring it up but exotic dancers also do well in
Miami and border Broward county. Anything that is due to "Entertaintment" Miami will
create more career potential for you in those sectors.

One last thing be equipped for people to speak to you randomnly in Spanish. There are so many
individuals who can't speak English. You can't avoid this most folks "install" Miami and
because of this they'll get ANNOYED at you for the inability to speak Spanish. I know it's not
cool that is how the culture works.

i cannot regret moving. All his dad lives in Miami. I visit every three months and am always
thankful I don't need to handle the traffic, The growing culture, And the money I have to shell out
for things I know should be cheap.

I've lowered my living costs by 25% moving to Raleigh. you are struggle.

Therein lies issue is.

this is correct. The women are the most amazing in the world but they can cost you everything in
your wallet trying to live up their expectations.

If your business interest deals mainly with Latin America Miami is a hub for that industry.

Per my previous post, I totally arrange.

One last thing be prepared for people to speak to you randomnly in Spanish. There are a lot more
people who can't speak English.

It's true that there are lots of Spanish speaking people in Miami but my experience is that 98% of
them also speak English. to me, The only times I have not been able to communicate in English is
when I was trying to speak to a very low paid laborer.

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