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25 Most important Hispanics in America

at first glance, they appear an odd couple. one, The son of migrant tradesmen, Grew up in a house
without hot water or a phone number. another is the scion of a rich and powerful political dynasty.
regrettably Alberto Gonzales and George W. Bush have joined in a largely a success effort to build a
more muscular executive branch. Drawn to the quiet attorney's up by his bootstraps story, Then
Governor Bush persuaded Gonzales to leave his lucrative law practice in Houston as his general
counsel in 1994. Bush later put Gonzales on the Texas supreme court, if Bush moved north, selection
Gonzales White House counsel and, recording, the nation's first Hispanic Attorney General.

It was at the White House that Gonzales became a chief architect of Bush's push to boost White
House's clout. prior to the 9/11, He advised the direction on resisting disclosures about its
dealings with energy industry execs. following on from the attacks, Gonzales aided write the Patriot
Act, Which expanded federal power [url=]pretty girl in spanish[/url] in
the fighting terrorism. He also oversaw selecting Bush's very conservative judicial nominees and,
Perhaps most controversial, Was centrally involved in the meetings and
nish women[/url] memos that set guidelines for treating suspected terrorists picked up overseas.
That record led to a closer than expected Senate confirmation vote of 60 36 for his current post.

Gonzales has brought a gentler tone to the Justice Department in contrast to his predecessor, john
Ashcroft, But he hasn't much altered its course or his devotion to the goals that first brought him
and Bush alongside one another. He remains near to the President, Which could mean a top court
nomination for Gonzales before Bush's term ends.

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