earth's worst online daters

There's an overabundance of men flexing their abs while taking selfies in the bathroom mirror.
Worse are the people lifting their shirts, setting style, Or hoisting up their sprained biceps.
It's a cornucopia of Weiner esque chest waxing and torso gazing, And it is intended for our comedic

primarily. They never had chances, It's one of several sites that have popped up with the express
purpose of making fun of tactless online daters and pretty much all happen to be men attempting to
court women. (This is no doubt in large part because men are more often the initiators on online
dating services, And there's something inherently awkward about initiating contact with a person
you've only met virtually.) It isn't just absurd self portraits much of the sites focus on
outrageous come ons, Off putting self grammar and horrific misspellings.

The site justification for A(n)Nals of online dating explains its raison d' "It a fairly
simple idea: international dating is the worst. Submit the horrific comments you get, And we will
along laugh at them, Each post emerges literal points "For lack of basic punctuation and
punctuation skills; Bad sex-related innuendo; reliance upon cliche; bad taste in books, Music or
cinema; Use of twelve year old girl text slang; And creep factor, for example, A message that begins
with the opener, "You kinda remind me of a girl I dated in the past. She launched the Tumblr
after being inundated with gems exactly like it, "You surprisingly hair color, so want to feel
it with my lips, Ooh and also:
ether/]loveme[/url] "I talked to my therapist yesterday about my obsessive urge to sexually
dominate and abuse women and we focusing on it together, So that not something you require to worry
about. So whattaya talk about, Wanna chill valuable time, Even more direct to the point come ons can
miss the mark: The site uniform dating Is Terrifying shares this message from a virtual Romeo,
"I think you hot, And if you feel the same towards me, It possible could be open to my
proposition: To have sex amongst eachother,

occasionally, All that's beneficial is a photo, As with his post on Why They're Single of a self
portrait from a "Single" Man's dating summary, Which clearly shows his wedding band.

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