Facebook meets its complement dating site

It may be the first liaison between a major dating firm and a social networking site.The move comes
as matchmakers come being forced from social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo and squidoo,
Where singletons can meet prospective partners for free.Little Black Book also are a trial for a new
style of payment system under which members pay per contact made rather than via subscription.The
resolute, which is then owned by US listed InterActiveCorp (IAC), Wants to launch new niche brands
and is also seeking acquisitions in the UK and Europe to help encourage a wider public to have a go
at internet dating.The firm already has sites in 37 countries overall, not to mention 15 European
nations, And sees this side of the Atlantic as the engine of growth over the coming years,IAC is
very acquisitive and has a lot of cash on the books, Mr Stockwood declares. The online # travel
agency #, Where Stockwood spent five extended, Bought 16 business employers over a two year
period.Mr Stockwood reads: "I think we are at the start of a hockey stick of growth for online
dating. taking that approach is right, People realise it, But it has not reached a critical mass in
being workers' choice of how to meet people.conversely, It keeps growing rapidly. quantity of
single people in the UK is expected to rise from 10m at present to 16m by 2012 and across Europe
total revenues from online dating are expected to more than double to (395) By 2010 in comparison to
last year.The moves are intended to grab as big a share of the market as possible during the peak
dating season. Boxing Day and the day after New Year's day are among the top 5pc busiest days for
online dating services as singles look for a new start after a lonely Christmas.But the main
challenge for internet dating is to encourage more people to overcome their shyness and seek a
partner online. yet still, There is still a certain resistance to the concept of meeting a partner
online.Mr Stockwood states that: "People in urban areas like London understand the benefits and
there is a wide audience. your social stigma has gone, But many people still believe that it is not
for them. People say it takes the romance out of meeting someone, But people over the age of 30 find
it increasingly difficult to meet a partner,A viewpoint graduate who casts himself as a
[url=]www.a review[/url] socialist, Mr Stockwood says he can be "Evangelical" About the
strength of the web as a way to build social groups and help like minded people to find one
another.Also on the agenda are big events that will follow on from this year's world record
snogging attempt at the Glastonbury festival which involved 400 couples.

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