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Facebook Graph allows us to search nearby singles and could change internet dating forever

Forget pre looking for a first date: Facebook's new Graph Search takes online stalking to a whole
new level.

The technology isn't publicly published yet, But after only ten minutes of using the beta version I
predict that online dating should never be the same.

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company was rolling out the mysterious 'third
pillar' after News Feed and Timeline he explained how the Graph is totally different from other web

Dating private eye work: increasingly more of us are using Facebook to screen potential dates and
find common interests. But when does online stalking cross the road?

Instead of sending the links, It scours data from friends and friends of friends putting posts,
Check ins and referrals to get an exact answer.

Zuckerberg says that new feature will evolve depending on people use it. One Facebook executive used
finding a spicy meal in san diego as an example search.

honestly? If I want barbecued rib tips I can go to Yelp.

I may be a short time ago married, But as somebody who has spent several years writing about
relationships I was dying to know if the new technology could help with a much more elusive query:
'Where are solitary pilot is a men in Manhattan?or,--


Should committed women marry older men? As Xerox ceo Ursula. and this the internet looks like:
eye-catching image.

Like many and family relationships, the search engine and I got off to an awkward start. The second
person who appeared on my results page was Bravo host Andy Cohen. He's unusual, sensational and we
have two friends in common! But he's also candidly gay.

But as I got more very specific, The search bar got better.

When I narrowed it down to 'single men who are older than 35 and younger than 40 and live nearby
and have been occupied with women' I still got more than 1,000 end results.

Sample go searching: scrubbing the net for 'single journalists',
[url=]afror[/url] One of my many search term phrases, Yielded several sound results

i then hit a wall: Adding the men who 'like' single malt Scotch only gave me 40 outlines, And none
were within my targeted age range.

So I went back to the first man to appear in my original google search. 'John' is a lovely thirty
something professional who lives in my current zip code, Shares two mutual friends when camping, And
runs an enterprise. The mix of quotes and reviews on his page convey that he's a hard worker, But
doesn't take himself too really.

'As I got more targeted, The search got cleverer. It swapped "Single straight men in
manhattan" to successfully "Single men drawn to women in Manhattan"or,--

I messaged your, And got a reply almost immediately. He is sure I'm cute, And sends a message that
strikes a super balance between flirtatious and funny.

He knows that I'm unavailable in fact, I think he knows my husband. It's too soon to decide if my
single self can have found him suitable long term. But I definitely would've met him for a drink.

online dating sites should be running scared. Because not only is Facebook's new function hard to
kick, It has the potential to put most of them out bankrupt.

Smart digging: wikipedia CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Pictured within March. Will the new Graph Search
change internet dating forever?

and also, are pleased or not, Having a Facebook page has become a virtual proof system.

having access to full length pics and the 'About' page should help filter out the women who
subtract years and pounds and men who add inches to height and zeros to their bank balance. Who
would be crazy enough to allow a secret fling to share the same Facebook page as acquaintances?

'John' also wrote that he normally friends women ahead of first date, Calling online social
networks a 'pre courting ground'.

unfinished match: htc bravo host Andy Cohen, The second result on my members search list. He's
stylish, worthwhile, And shares several friends when camping. But he's publicly gay

Fair great enough. But notice speedier the multi daters, Those women and men who use social
networking and dating sites to juggle loads of conquests in a constant search for the bigger, far
better deal? Staying stealth may no longer be as simple as switching from OkCupid to PlentyOfFish.

yet, I worry that when the graph search becomes popular, It will be much harder for people
especially personals to opt out. Many of us now suspect that individuals with no page are hiding
something, just like wife or a Nigerian catfishing scam.

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